“Albertosaurus, Cretaceous Alaska” by James Havens

Albertosaurus Alaska, Anchiceratops, Arctic Fossils, Polar Dinosaurs, giclee’


75  limited edition museum quality “Artist Hand Embellished” canvas prints    size: 6ft across               (Special-order only)                investment level:     $2,750.

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Original Oil on Canvas    size: 4.5ft X 7ft                                                                                                                                                                                   SOLD

Albertosaurus detail

Albertosaurus, Cretaceous Alaska by James Havens 


circa August 3, 2010 - Anchorage, Alaska

Oil on canvas 4.5ft X 7ft

Permanent Collection: Alaska Museum of Natural History

Alaska’s Albertosaurus

The sun gently rises as a herd of Anchiceratops cautiously cross a river - on their annual migration to the birthing grounds farther north. A stealthy Albertosaurus silently stalks the opposite shore in anticipation of the ambush to come in what is now Alaska 70 million years ago.

“Albertosaurus, Cretaceous Alaska” features the formidable Albertosaurus which stood up to 10 feet tall, 15-1 7 feet long and was  a smaller "cousin" of the infamous T. rex; Albertosaurus fossils discovered in Alaska include isolated teeth and rare bones of a smaller adult or juvenile.

Also represented in the painting is Anchiceratops which stood up to seven feet high, 16-20 feet long, weighing up to four tons; Anchiceratops fossil discoveries in Alaska include a back end of a skull.

Depicted flora include “living fossils” - Ginkgo, Magnolia, Sequoia, Dawn Redwood, Horsetails and  Ferns,


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Also available - Spectacular replica Albertosaurus jaw measuring 27" wide. Perfect for mounting into your framed display of Albertosaurus, Cretaceous Alaska.  Great for collectors, museums, anthropological and natural history sets and education.  

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